Thornton Colorado Accor Hotel

The development company that completed its first hotel in downtown Denver is thinking big as it prepares to open its second, the Thornton Colorado Accor Hotel in the heart of downtown Denver.

Denver is one of the best summer and winter destinations, and the Mile High City is more affordable than ever. The Bedford was completed by HotelBrokerOne Dallas - Oklahoma City, the property could attract up to 200,000 people and it has been sold for about $210 million. Denver is a great place to stay if you're traveling in summer or winter - and now, with the new Thornton Accor Hotel, you can stay in a hotel for less than $1,500 a night.

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Located in the heart of Lower Downtown, this hotel includes the Grand Hyatt Denver, where guests can play rooftop tennis or stay in one of the hotel's many private suites. Leave your car at your hotel and explore Denver on foot, by bike, bus or light rail. Stay at Thornton Colorado Accor Hotel in Thornton, Colorado, a small town in the Rocky Mountain State where we stay free.

Whether you are on a romantic getaway or visiting Thornton with family and friends, this hotel has something for everyone. Whether you are travelling alone or forget to pack a thing or two, we have a hotel for you.

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More About Thornton